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A New Year – New beginnings – UPDATE

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wanted to make this post to update everyone on a few things, the first of which is Thorns of Time’s new posting schedule.  I have a few resolutions for 2017, and one of them is to update this blog more often.  I was pretty scarce for most of 2016, so I want to be sure not to let that happen again.  Even with my hectic school schedule, I will be making an attempt to post a new article once a month at the very least.  I will also be working on my novels (by now I have quite a few projects in progress) which I will be explaining below.

I started a Tudor era novel back in 2015 called Crown of Thorns, based off of the story of the three English queens who were struggling for the throne – Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth – in the aftermath of King Edward VI’s death in 1553.  However, I put the project on hold to work on another one, which gave me a bit more leeway as there was very little historical basis other than the time setting.  At present, this novel, under the working title Best Served Cold, is an almost-completed first draft that I have been picking at for several months trying to tie up loose ends to get to the final draft, but the storyline hit a lull and it may have to get reworked entirely.  Instead, I am putting all my focus into a new novel, a political thriller called Witness.  Updates on progress can be found on my personal blog, here, very soon for anyone interested.

That being said, I want to take this chance to thank everyone for their love and support for this blog for the past three years it has been running.  I never thought I would still be posting here by this time and I am grateful to all my readers and visitors.  Thank you all so much and enjoy the new year wherever you are in the world.

  • Love, Nicki Krys
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Independence Day – 4 July 1776

It is a day Americans know well, but today we celebrate our nation’s separation from the British Empire with alcohol, barbecues, and fireworks.  Very few take the time to remember the struggles of our Founding Fathers over two centuries ago.

When King George III refused to acknowledge the many grievances of the American colonists, they declared themselves to be separate from the British Empire in a document known as The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America, known commonly today as the Declaration of Independence.  (You can see the original name on the document copy below)  Penned by Thomas Jefferson, the youngest of the delegates of the Continental Congress, and edited with the help of John Adams and Dr. Benjamin Franklin, the final draft was adopted by Congress on the Second of July and formally signed by all members during the summer, not on one day as is commonly thought.  Months prior in January 1776, when it became clear that there was no way for the Americans to peacefully negotiate with the King, John Adams, a lawyer from Massachusetts and cousin to Patriot Samuel Adams, persuaded Congress to have his friend and fellow delegate Thomas Jefferson, a planter from Virginia, write the first draft since he knew the younger man to have a great way with words.  It took several tiring and stressful weeks, but soon, the document was completed and unanimously agreed upon by all delegates of all 13 states.  This is seen as the defining moment of the American Revolution, though the war itself did not end until 1778.

The real Independence Day is in fact July Second, however the date instead commemorates the date on which the Declaration’s existence was made public.