A New Year – New beginnings – UPDATE

01 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wanted to make this post to update everyone on a few things, the first of which is Thorns of Time’s new posting schedule.  I have a few resolutions for 2017, and one of them is to update this blog more often.  I was pretty scarce for most of 2016, so I want to be sure not to let that happen again.  Even with my hectic school schedule, I will be making an attempt to post a new article once a month at the very least.  I will also be working on my novels (by now I have quite a few projects in progress) which I will be explaining below.

I started a Tudor era novel back in 2015 called Crown of Thorns, based off of the story of the three English queens who were struggling for the throne – Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth – in the aftermath of King Edward VI’s death in 1553.  However, I put the project on hold to work on another one, which gave me a bit more leeway as there was very little historical basis other than the time setting.  At present, this novel, under the working title Best Served Cold, is an almost-completed first draft that I have been picking at for several months trying to tie up loose ends to get to the final draft, but the storyline hit a lull and it may have to get reworked entirely.  Instead, I am putting all my focus into a new novel, a political thriller called Witness.  Updates on progress can be found on my personal blog, here, very soon for anyone interested.

That being said, I want to take this chance to thank everyone for their love and support for this blog for the past three years it has been running.  I never thought I would still be posting here by this time and I am grateful to all my readers and visitors.  Thank you all so much and enjoy the new year wherever you are in the world.

  • Love, Nicki Krys
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