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Documentary Sunday – The Crypts of the Medici


Documentary Sunday – The Romanovs’ Missing Bodies

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Documentary Sunday – Fit To Rule; The Stuarts to the Hanoverians

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Donald Trump Wins Presidency in Biggest Upset in Modern US History

As an American, I never thought I would be writing the above headline.  I spent yesterday evening glued to my television, like most of the nation, expecting to be cheering for the first female President by the end of the night.  When the final results of the election were announced, all I could do was stare in disbelief.

In the aftermath, riots are breaking out across the United States and California even threatened to “Calexit” from us.  People are marching through the streets chanting “F- Donald Trump!” and “Not my president!” and posting upside down flags on social media to signal their distress.  I have a dark feeling that this is just the beginning and that violence will follow similar to the Civil Rights Movements decades ago.

I do not condone it, but I feel the pain of it all.  I supported Hillary Clinton, contributed to her campaign, defended her from vicious trolls online, and still despite the fact that she won the popular vote, the electoral decided that Trump had actually been the winner.  This system of voting has been around for two centuries and is a ridiculous concept.

But the problem isn’t just that Trump won.  The problem is that his supporters target people like my friends in the LGBT community and anyone who isn’t born here in the States, while his opposers believe that burning American flags in the streets and inciting riots is the best way to get Trump out of the Oval Office.  We’re a hateful and angry people and we are still healing from the Iraq War and countless other tragedies.  We all want something different from our leaders, but this is not the way to do it.

I had an image in my mind of the Founding Fathers and what they intended fro this country two centuries ago; during the Revolution, we ended the corruption of the British Empire and the tyranny of King George III, and created something beautiful. For the first time, we were free, and we had the power to change who we were based on the people’s choices and not those of the higher-ups.

Now, that very freedom has betrayed us. I am beyond appalled by the way things turned out last night and for the first time ever I am ashamed to call myself an American.
Benjamin Franklin was once asked whether we as a country were a monarchy or a republic. He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Can we keep it? Should we keep it? The results of this election are causing everyone to question everything they have ever believed in and all they know. We were unhappy with the status quo and so we elected Trump (I didn’t.)

I believe something about this nation needs to change, but i have no confidence whatsoever that Donald Trump is the solution to anyone’s problems. In the next four years, we will need to try harder to be the nation we want to be and can take pride in. While i am disgusted by what has happened, there is nothing we can do now except move forward and hope for the best. Rest assured tho, that I will be watching every move the president-elect makes, probably shaking my head as I do so. However, I refuse to give up on us, no matter how disillusioned I am at the moment. As I always say, “Stars cannot shine without darkness.”

That is all. I will no longer be posting on this subject because everything has been said already in a thousand different ways. Let’s try to spend some time not talking about it.

  • Nicki Krys
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Documentary Sunday – Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home

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