Orlando, a Poem

18 Jun

I wanted to share this poem I wrote about the Orlando tragedy.

Red, white and blue,
What does it mean to you?
The whites of our eyes are bloodshot with tears,
What story do You hear based on my fears?
Do You even hear us at all?
And we beg You, let it end
Let it end before bloodshed is all our children know
Let it end before the bodies grow cold
Let it end while the memories are still warm
Let it end so we can all come home
They say this is the Land of the Free
But how much freedom do you see
When your enemy holds a gun to you?
A gun that he had the right to own?
All this country sees is death
Our children grow up with a terrible truth
Mom, Dad, sister, brother,
They won’t come home anymore
Sons and daughters bleeding on the floor
A final image of horror to always remember
Must this go on forever?
The Pulse is weak, but the veins are strong
We are held together by one bond
That of American resilience,
But we lose every battle to our homegrown hate
Let it end, before it’s too late.

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One response to “Orlando, a Poem

  1. Sonia

    June 21, 2016 at 12:57 PM

    Beautiful poem, Nicole.
    Best, Sonia


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