Shooting in Orlando, Florida

12 Jun

Turning on the news this morning, the world was greeted with the unspeakable horror that has become known as the deadliest mass shooting in American history.  Pulse, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, became the site of an attack that left at least dozens dead and even more wounded when a gunman opened fire at two o’clock this morning.  Three hours later, SWAT teams entered the club and killed the gunman in a firefight, but not before the senseless murder of over 50 individuals.

I cannot imagine the heartache and fear that accompanies such a tragedy, and my heart of hearts goes out to the victims, their families, loved ones, and friends.  No amount of remorse can help these people rebuild what has so needlessly been lost, but we can start to try even now.  People, not just in the Orlando area but all over, are donating money and blood to help the victims as we await the final countdown of those alive and those lost.

We Americans are a strong, resilient people, but now is not the time for strength.  It is a time for hope and recovery.  I pray that one day, such occurrences will be no more than mere memories in history, but for now, please join me in mourning.

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