Praying For Paris

14 Nov

Thorns of Time is going black for the next few days in memory of the lives lost in the ISIS attacks in France yesterday.  As someone with friends in the area, my heart is crushed that something like this could happen.  I grew up an hour away from the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 and recognize the suffering the people of France are enduring.  I sympathize with the fear that every citizen must be going through at this difficult time.

While we mourn, let us not forget that after the grief, justice will be found.  It takes a special kind of evil to needlessly murder innocents, women and children among them, and such a horror must be destroyed.  It has been announced that the United States is backing the French in what will surely become another war soon enough.  The States have been at war with terrorism for nearly fifteen years now and the French have stood by our country since its beginning during the American Revolution.  It is only right that we not abandon our oldest allies.  

I have faith that ISIS will be brought to justice in time and my heart goes out to the people of France.  

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