Documentary Sunday – King Tut’s Final Secrets

26 Jul

Tutankhamun, known commonly as King Tut, was the subject that helped me to fall in love with ancient Egypt and it’s rich history and culture.  Today’s documentary is bit bit graphic, but it explores the life of the Boy Pharaoh, who ruled Egypt 3000 years ago from the age of nine and died mysteriously just ten years later in 1327 BC.  Tut’s story is tragic – thrust into leadership of a nation in chaos and in constant pain from a deformed foot that plagued him his entire life – but his is the most studied in Egypt’s past.  Its hard to believe that we know more about his life than any other Pharaoh. His tomb’s discovery by “archaeologist” Howard Carter in 1922 was a sensational discovery that took the world by storm, myself included nearly a century later.  I had the pleasure of viewing Tutankhamun’s treasures in 2007 when they came to the States and the experience literally took my breath away.  I was amazed that one man could have such beautiful treasures surrounding him his entire life and digging deeper, his story struck a chord with me on a level that I still do not fully understand nor can explain.  Which is why this post is so nostalgic for me.

Anyway, please enjoy this week’s Documentary Sunday!

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