Happy Birthday to Alexander the Great

20 Jul

In 356 BC, Alexander III of Macedon was born to the Macedonian King Philip II and his fourth wife, Olympias, whom he would later grow to hate.  The date is listed as the “sixth day of the month of Hekatombaion” on the ancient Greek calendar, which by consensus corresponds to either the 20th of 21st of July.  He was the eldest son, who took the throne of Macedon after Philip’s assassination in 336 BC, when he was barely twenty years old.  He would go one to rule an empire stretching over 3000 miles during his thirteen year rule, becoming known as Megas Alexandros in his native tongue (which directly translates into The Great Alexander) and becoming king of Asia, Persia, and Pharaoh of Egypt all in one, even earning the title of “Living God” in Egyptian.  He had the world at his feet when he died of a mysterious illness at the age of thirty-two in 323 BC at his favorite palace in Babylon and was buried in his Egyptian capitol of Alexandria, although his tomb and body have not been identified.

I never was able to finish my article on Alexander last year, but my intention is to post the one I am working on – another Cold Case Examination similar to the one I did on The Princes in the Tower – within the coming weeks.  This will explore the many theories surrounding his death from murder to medical errors and will be the first full length article I have posted here in awhile.  Until then, I pay tribute to the ancient king.  Cheers to you, Alexander!

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