1461 – Edward IV is Crowned King of England

28 Jun

During the Wars of the Roses, two kings fought for full control of the English throne, but on 28 June 1461, the first of the Yorkist kings, Edward Plantagenet, son of the Duke of York, overthrew the unstable Lancastrian Henry VI to be crowned as Edward IV.  Born in Rouen in 1442, Edward was still a young man when he became King of England, and was considered incredibly handsome at the time.  Despite the fact that he was a good fighter and horseman, he was an impulsive man, breaking off his own betrothal to marry Elizabeth Woodville, the widow of a Lancastrian sympathizer, and later taking to binge eating, which may have contributed to his death at the age of forty.  Soon after, his children were declared illegitimate and his younger brother Richard of Gloucester took the crown for himself as Richard III.  Exactly thirty years after his coronation, Edward’s grandson, the future Henry VIII (pictured below with his second wife Anne Boleyn) was born at Greenwich.


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