Documentary – Inside the Body of Henry VIII

28 Jan

On 28 January 1547, which would have been his father’s 90th birthday, Henry VIII died at the Palace of Whitehall in London.  He was fifty-five years old, clinically obese with an ulcerated leg and a multitude of health problems.  In his wake, he left behind a string of bloodshed and three children, the nine-year-old Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I, in addition to his sixth and final wife Katherine Parr.  But what did Henry really die from?  Below, a team of expert historians and doctors attempt to uncover the answer using historical records and medical science.  While they cannot examine his actual body, they will dig deep into Henry’s life in order to uncover his secrets.  What caused him to change from a noble prince into a tyrant?  What about the sudden shift in personality that caused him to execute two of his wives?  How did a handsome gentleman turn into an obese madman?  Well, we may have some answers.  Check it out!

WARNING: not for the squeamish or faint of heart.


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