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Sept. 13 – Cesare Borgia is born

At last, I have returned to ThornsOfTime!   Although it is late, I wanted to mark off my return by honoring Cesare for his birthday.

The article I wrote on the Borgia Family has received more views than any other post on this site so far, which I think merits a mention, maybe even a second article.  I have already posted on Lucrezia, which means that soon, Cesare himself will get his turn in the spotlight.  For now though, as I stretch my fingers again, this will have to do.

Cesare began his life in Rome, the son of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia (later Pope Alexander VI) and his beloved mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei.  Born in 1476, he became a Cardinal at the young age of eighteen, though he cast his red robes aside soon after his brother Giovanni was murdered in 1497, taking his elder brothers place in the Papal Military.  He was the first person in history to resign from the position of Cardinal, which he traded in for a sword and the title of Duke of Valentinois.  He gained a reputation for cruelty and outstanding military prowess before he fell from grace soon after the death of his father, becoming a fugitive of Rome with a hefty price on his head.  He died on 12 March 1507 fighting in Navarre, Spain, at the age of thirty-one and was buried in Vienna.  His marble tomb was destroyed by the Bishop of Calahorra twenty years later, as the Bishop was outraged that a murderer was buried in the consecrated grounds of a church.  He was ultimately reburied in the Church of Santa María in 2007, where he rests today.


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