11 June – The Birth of Anne Neville

10 Jun

Anne Neville

Today, in 1456, Anne Neville was born in Warwick Castle as second daughter to Richard “The Kingmaker” Neville, Earl of Warwick, and his wife Countess Anne de Beauchamp.  During the Wars of the Roses, she was wife to two key figures – Edward of Lancaster, the Prince of Wales and son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou, and upon his death she wed Richard of Gloucester, who would later ascend the throne of England as Richard III.  However, Anne was a sickly woman and predeceased her second husband only months before his own death at the Battle of Bosworth.  She was twenty-eight years old.  No formal portrait of her survives, thus the image above is the only image of her that remains.

My intention is to write a full length article on Anne sometime in the near future, however recent events mean that I may not get to it for some time.  I start college in the fall and with my mother being in poor health at this time, progression on anything at this point will have to be halted.  In the meantime, I pay tribute to the woman who managed to survive on both sides of a civil war conflict as both a Lancastrian and a Yorkist.  Cheers to you, Anne!

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